Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships are designed to support students from developing Commonwealth countries in pursuing postgraduate studies at a master’s level. These scholarships are part of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), which is an international program under which member countries offer scholarships and fellowships to citizens of other Commonwealth nations.


Here are some key points about the Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
  • Applicants must be citizens of a Commonwealth country.
  • The scholarships are primarily for candidates from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries.
  • Candidates should hold a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) standard, or a second-class degree and a relevant postgraduate qualification.
  1. Fields of Study:
  • The scholarships cover various fields of study, including but not limited to science and technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and health.
  1. Application Process:
  • Interested candidates typically apply through their home country’s nominating agency or university.
  • The selection process is competitive, and candidates are assessed based on academic merit and the potential impact of their work on the development of their home countries.
  1. Funding and Duration:
  • The scholarships cover full tuition fees, a stipend for living expenses, and other allowances such as travel and thesis grants.
  • The duration of the scholarship varies depending on the chosen course of study but is typically for a one-year master’s program.
  1. Development Impact:
  • Recipients of the Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships are expected to contribute to the development of their home countries upon completion of their studies.
  • Emphasis is placed on creating a network of skilled professionals who can drive positive change in their respective nations.
  1. Commonwealth Values:
  • The scholarships aim to promote the core values of the Commonwealth, including democracy, human rights, and sustainable development.
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It’s important for prospective applicants to check the specific eligibility criteria and application details on the official Commonwealth Scholarship website or through the nominating agency in their home country. The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships play a crucial role in fostering international collaboration and capacity-building among Commonwealth nations.

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